Monday, 5 January 2015

Nuxe Nuxellence Detox Night Cream

A lot of new products are being launched at the moment and this new anti-aging detoxifying night cream caught my attention.

Nuxe's Nuxellence Detox Night Cream, with passionflower,  is a revolutionary anti-aging product because it works in the heart of the skin's cells to supply them with enough energy to function properly. Kind of like an alarm clock and a huge coffee every morning. It has 10 patents that distinguishes it from other night creams.

It combines anti-aging power with detoxifying properties to keep your skin young-looking and fresh. It smoothes fine lines, regenerates your skin and revives dull complexion by reinforcing the major natural cellular detoxification system of the skin.

Some impressive statistics: Upon awakening, 91%: complexion looks fresher, 77%: dull complexion is revived. Night after night, 95%: skin appears regenerated.
With statistics like these it's a must try! We'll have to wait for a couple of weeks to see if there really is any improvement, but I have a good feeling about this product because after only one application my skin looked fresher and less dull in the morning.

So far what I didn't like is the fragrance. It reminds me of the CK One perfume I use to wear when I was a teenager. That's a definite con for me. Figuring these products are made of plant extracts, I was quite surprised. The texture, on the other hand, is very light and the cream absorbs very well into the skin, leaving a non-greasy feeling. It also has a pump, which I prefer, as it keeps bacteria away.

Use it in synergy with the Nuxellence Youth and Radiance Day Cream for optimal results. You can apply it on its own or under your regular cream. Fit for all ages and skin types.

This night cream is a definite BUY!
I give this product 4-out-of-5-lipsticks!!
Shoppers Drug Mart, The Bay, London Drugs, $65.00 (prices may vary).

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