Sunday, 4 January 2015

Stila All Day Wear Waterproof Brow Color

I have been looking for the perfect waterproof brow pen/pencil for a long time and I have finally found one!! If this is your case too, then look no further.

Stila's All Day Wear Waterproof Brow Color is the one!

Not only is it waterproof and actually stays on all day, it has a flexible felt tip applicator for the finest precision on your brows and allows you to draw in those fine little hairs.

The formula is thin, so you don't have the feeling of using a sharpie on your brows or having that tattooed effect, and has a natural-looking finish. It deposits just the right amount of colour and dries very quickly.

It comes in three colors, 'light', 'medium' and 'dark'. The colors are quite cool toned, except for the light shade which has a slightly warmer tone. The colour is quite build-able, so even if the match is not perfect, you can reach it by layering it on a couple of times.

The 'light' shade is perfect for blondes, the 'medium' shade has a soft gray-taupe colour, and the 'dark' shade, for example, could work for a black brow effect as it has a cool undertone. Of course in a perfect world they would have shades to match all of our brows.

You can use it to just fill in the gaps in your brows and extend the tips, or draw them in completely.
I can assure you that it is waterproof and will stay on all day.

A little tip; store it with the applicator facing down to avoid fading or drying.

The lasting power is unbelievable and the precision, oh that precision, is absolutely amazing.

This brow pen is a definite BUY!
I give this product 5-lipsticks-out-of-5!!
Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart, $21.00 (prices may vary).

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