Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

Another interesting product was launched last week!

This new primer in form of a water is suppose to be light and refreshing. Infused with replenishing electrolytes, it apparently improves makeup application, adds hydration and radiance. It's also suppose to be silicone, alcohol, oil and shine free. Fit for all skin types.

Okay, so I'm going to try and go easy on Smashbox because overall I like their products. It 'sounded' like an interesting and exciting product, but after trying it, not so much.

First, I had to spray it really close to my face to get any of the mist. Their '8"-10" away from face' is not exactly accurate. If you follow those instructions, the product will end up on the floor.

Second, it feels like you're spraying perfume on your face. It tastes awful...inadvertently you get some on your lips. I literally had to go and rinse my mouth out. I looked at the ingredients and noticed it had fragrance/perfume. That means there IS alcohol in this product, unless it's an alcohol free fragrance, which I highly doubt.

Third, I noticed absolutely no hydration on my skin. It was, on the contrary, quite drying. Hence the alcohol.. Once again, not accurate. It doesn't fit all skin types because a person with dry skin will end up with even dryer skin. I did not find it refreshing at all nor did it add radiance to my skin.

I can see a debate on this product, because some people will probably disagree with me, but I was left disappointed.

I would much rather use my old time favourite mist, that is everything it claims to be. Avene's Thermal Spring Water. The best facial mist on the market in my opinion. It's not a primer but delivers that refreshing feeling and hydration, IS absolutely alcohol and fragrance free, and all of the above, as it's only ingredient is water infused with natural minerals.

This primer water is a definite PASS.
I give this product no lipsticks. Sorry Smashbox.
If however you want to try it: Shoppers Drugs Mart, Sephora, $37.00* (oh and did I mention how overpriced it is?!)

*Prices may vary.

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